Wiz Khalifa

Age: 33 Rapper
Wiz Khalifa was born on 08-09-1987 at Minot in the country of North Dakota, United States.

Travis Scott

Age: 29 Rapper
Travis Scott was born on 30-04-1992 at Houston in the country of Texas, United States. He is an American Rapper,

Sean Combs

Age: 51 Rapper
Sean Combs was born on 04-11-1969 at Harlem, New York City in the country of New York, United States of

Cardi B

Age: 28 Rapper
Cardi B has been born on 11-10-1992 in New York in the country of New York, the United States with


Age: 34 Rapper
Drake was born on 24-10-1986 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He's a Canadian Rapper, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Document Producer, Film Actor,

Nicki Minaj

Age: 38 Rapper
Nicki Minaj has been born on 08-12-1982 at Saint James, Port of Spain, Trinidad, And Tobago. She's a Trinidadian-American Rapper,

Iggy Azalea

Age: 31 Rapper
Iggy Azalea was `born on 07-06-1990 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She's an Australian Rapper, Musician, Music Video Director

Kanye West

Age: 44 Rapper
Kanye West was born on 08-06-1977 in Atlanta in the nation of Georgia, United States. He is an American Rapper,