Kirk Douglas

Age: 104 Film Actor
Kirk Douglas was born 09-12-1916 at Amsterdam in the country of New York, United States. He had been also an

Charlie Chaplin

Age: 32 Film Actor
Charlie Chaplin was born on 16-04-1889 at Walworth, London, Great Britain. He was an English Film Actor, Film Director, Film

Adam Sandler

Age: 54 Film Actor
Adam Sandler was born on 9th September 1966. He's an American singer, Screenwriter, Producer, Comedian, and Musician. Later showing his

Jerry Seinfeld

Age: 67 Comedian
Seinfeld was Created at the Brooklyn borough of Both All NYC. His next cousin is celebrity and celebrity, Evan Seinfeld.

Ariana Grande

Age: 27 Singer
Ariana Grande was born 26-06-1993 in Boca Raton in the country of Florida, United States of America. She's an American
Age: Film Actor
He's a noted American Actor. He's famous for his work on The Single Guy, Weekend at Bernie's, and 12:01.

Mark Blum

Age: 71 Film Actor
Mark Blum was born on 14-05-1950 in Newark in the state of New Jersey, United States of America. He was